Foods that contain them in large quantities form the basis of the food pyramids

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Eating healthy and saving on shopping is possible.

In fact, reducing costs is not necessarily synonymous with low quality. On the contrary. So let's see some useful suggestions for choosing healthy foods with a high nutritional value, without going against a drain.

  • Healthy Eating - HelpGuide.orgRespect nutritional values ​​- The first thing to do, if you want to save on your food budget, is to take a healthy diet as a framework.
  • Legumes and grains – Complex carbohydrates, especially starch, are the nutrients that should provide the most calories in the diet.

Taking into account their nutritional contributions, they are among those who can give us more with less. We are talking about legumes, rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins of vegetable origin, some vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.

These are highly energetic and nutritionally dense foods, highly recommended and at a very low cost

Proximity Fruits and Vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are essential foods in a diet and the best way to buy them at a reasonable price is to bet on local produce. In this way, not only do you save on the purchase of fruit and vegetables, but also promote seasonal consumption.

Pay no attention to appearances – Appearances are sometimes deceptive. The best fruits and vegetables don't necessarily look perfect, but they can still be of excellent quality.

How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day to Lose Weight?Limit the superfluous – Even when it comes to food, false needs are often created and the purchase of products with little or no nutritional value, the consumption of which is superfluous and expensive, is encouraged.

Improving your diet and saving on your budget at the same time is possible by reducing the consumption of meat products and unnecessary foods. How to save on shopping? – One of the best ways to save is to eat well. But not only. It is useful to plan menus, make a list of the products you really need and follow it at the time of purchase.

It is also useful to take advantage of occasional offers and discounts, but always evaluating if they are really needed. Another good habit is to check the expiration dates of the products. It is also good to go shopping on a full stomach to avoid temptations and impulsive purchases. Often then one can opt for non-branded products, which are of good quality and at lower prices.

It is also advisable to compare the prices in the different points of sale

How Diet Affects Long-Term Health | Clancy Medical Group | Vista CAPrefer a Mediterranean diet – The Mediterranean diet is now considered an exemplary dietary model for its health benefits.

Healthy and economical proposals – There are some healthy and economical proposals to take into consideration, for example the case of soups, highly nutritious and at the same time inexpensive dishes, and peanuts, (the price per kilo is high, but the portions are small) that provide healthy fats and are very nutritious.


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