ELF Volunteer translators

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Join our translation group and help make a difference!

We are after medical professionals from each of the following countries to help keep the ELF site up-to-date. As a volunteer translator your role would be to simply translate any of our new English material so it can improve public health awareness all over Europe. In return you will receive full credit for your work and be a part our expanding team of volunteers.

If you would be willing to dedicate your skills and time please contact us.

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Other languages


  • Pierre Desche
  • Philippe Mialon


  • Judith Odenthal
  • Uta Butt
  • Alexander Lindemeier
  • Rica Zinsky


  • Miguel Ángel Delgado
  • Yamilex Urbano Aranda
  • Arturo Huerta
  • Antonio Diez Herranz
  • Francisco Barcala
  • Laura Nunez-Naveira
  • Kenneth Escobar-Pérez
  • Juan Antonio piña Fernandez


  • Mariadelaide Franchi
  • Stefano Picciolo
  • Giuseppe Bertucci
  • Michele Ceruti
  • Marino De Rosa
  • Alfio Proietto
  • Flavia Arcangeli
  • Nicola Mancini


  • Katarzyna Lewandowska
  • Irena Porębska
  • Lukasz Minarowski


  • Michael Rudenko
  • Olga Chizhova
  • Ilya Sivokozov
  • Elena Titova
  • Oleksandr Mazulov
  • Gusakov Andrey
  • Rustem Shaymuratov


  • Eleftherios Zervas
  • Fotios Drakopanagiotakis
  • Anthony Papagiannis
  • Andriana Papaioannou
  • Stamatoula Tsikrika
  • Arietta Spinou

Other languages

  • Cristina Lutas
  • Indre Butiene
  • Nino Mchedlishvili
  • Members of the Interest Group in Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy of the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists
  • Teresa Pequito
    (Portuguese & Italian)
  • Dr Nikolay Yanev (Bulgarian)
  • Marco Pereira
    (Portuguese & Italian)
  • Darko Tasic (Serbian)


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