The European COPD Audit

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In October 2010, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) organised an audit into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) care across Europe. Research suggested that the care provided to people with the condition differed between hospitals and did not always follow the advice provided in published guidelines.
Experts believe that we need a better understanding of the services hospitals are providing, and which are successful, to help improve care for people with COPDSixteen countries took part in the COPD audit, which was the first study of its kind. Researchers collected information on:

  • The way hospitals treat people with COPD
  • Statistics on the process of care delivered by healthcare professionals
  • Information on the impact this care had for people admitted to hospital

The results from the COPD audit showed huge variations in the care being delivered to people across Europe. This was especially the case for factors such as:

  • The length of stay in hospital
  • The number of times a person had to come back into hospital
  • The number of people who died from COPD during the study period

The results also showed places where people were well cared for. The researchers plan to use this information to help doctors share the best way to treat COPD patients with other colleagues across Europe.

Patient Symposium: Investigating ways to address COPD patients’ unmet needs

A patient workshop will be held at the 2012 European Respiratory Society annual congress in September to ask people with COPD about their own care and what needs are currently unmet.

Results from the first ERS COPD audit will be presented at the beginning of the meeting and have been used to develop four questions to discuss with the people there. The discussion held will be noted and summarised, and this will result in a written statement, which can be used to help develop the best way to treat people with the condition.

A report on the patient discussion will be available here after the ERS Congress.

To order a copy of the COPD audit, please visit:


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