Patient organisation survey

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Preliminary research

Before circulating the ELF Patient organisation survey, we identified all the respiratory patient organisations and groups that exist in Europe and listed them via disease type and country. These were plotted on a map to illustrate the distribution of respiratory disease support available in Europe, based on our research.

All patient organisations identified are listed in the country pages within this section. Patient organisations highlighted in grey show those who completed our survey and so we have more information about them. Patient organisations highlighted in white did not complete the survey however, we have listed them for information purposes only.

Please note that none of the patient organisation links listed in this section have been reviewed by our experts but enable you to find out more information about organisations who are active in your country.

Distribution of respiratory disease support offered in Europe

Data analysis of survey responses

Of the total number of active respiratory patient organisations and support groups identified in Europe (164), a total of 88 (54%) completed our survey.

Responses were obtained from a wide range of disease areas:

Pie chart to show the proportions of respiratory disease support offered throughout Europe (click graph to zoom)


Organisations were most likely to produce patient information and offer support to patients, and were least likely to raise funds for research or recruit patients for clinical trials (click graph to zoom)


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