Hearing the views of smokers who have a lung condition

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A team of experts across Europe want to improve the way that doctors and nurses interact with smokers with lung conditions.

We would like to hear from smokers who have been diagnosed with a lung condition.

Your insight will help the European Respiratory Society provide information for healthcare professionals about what you want.

We would like to find out whether having a lung condition makes you want to stop smoking or not.

We would also like to know how doctors and nurses talk to you about smoking before and after your lung condition was diagnosed.

We have put together a short survey to hear your opinions. There are less than 15 questions and the survey will only take 10 minutes to complete.

We will not ask for your name or to contact you, unless you would like to leave your email address so that we can involve you further.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project please contact us.

Please help us to tell others

If you would like to tell others about this project and encourage them to complete the survey you can download the poster to:

  • put up in your place of work
  • give out to others as a flyer
  • email it to others who might be interested


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