Smoking-related diseases

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Smoking-related diseasesIt is also known that smoking is the cause of 90 percent. all cases of lung cancer.

It is also now known that nicotine addiction can cause cataracts, pneumonia and aortic aneurysm.

Smoking also seriously affects the reproductive system. It can cause miscarriages, premature births, low baby weight, sudden infant death and certain childhood illnesses such as ADHD. Newborns of smoking mothers weigh on average 200 grams less than children of non-smoking mothers.

Other smoking-related diseases

Moreover, not only smokers are exposed to the harmful effects of nicotine. Millions of people, including half of the world's children, are exposed to cigarette smoke. This phenomenon is called passive smoking. There are studies that prove links between passive smoking and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and other cancers, asthma and other respiratory diseases in adults and asthma and other respiratory diseases, ear inflammation and sudden crib death in children.

In addition to the diseases caused by active and passive smoking, nicotine addiction is itself a disease unit recognized by the International Statistical Classification of diseases and related health problems (ICD-10) as a chronic disease, often accompanied by relapses, tobacco dependence. Requires appropriate treatment.

How to quit smoking effectively?

Quitting is not an easy thing to do and should be supervised by a specialist, especially when the tobacco dependence is long-term or the quitting person often makes attempts to quit and just as often returns to them. Breaking the habit is further complicated when there is a simultaneous physical and mental dependence. There are different methods to combat both types of addiction.

Quitting smoking at any point in life gradually reduces the risk of heart disease, respiratory system and cancer, and after a few years even completely aligns it with people who have never smoked. That is why it is so important to take steps as soon as possible to combat this deadly habit, in the care of their own health and their loved ones.


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