CHAIN REACTION: More fiber, healthy lungs

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Good habits can have a domino effect. For example, eating oatmeal for breakfast can help you breathe easier! Are you wondering how? The following explanation …

MORE FIBER Healthy gums

Recent research suggests that people who consume less than 12 grams of fiber per day are more susceptible to gum disease than those who consume 24 grams or more. Grains like oats and quinoa are helpful because they reduce chronic inflammatory processes in the mouth, which are the main causes of gum disease.

HEALTHY BOYS Healthy Lungs

According to a study by the American Society for Communicable Diseases, people who do not go to the dentist regularly have an 86% higher risk of pneumonia than those who go at least twice a year. Namely, if you inhale the bacteria that have built up in your mouth, you can cause pneumonia, but luckily, detailed oral hygiene helps get rid of the microscopic aggressors.


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