Plain cigarette packs ‘encourage smokers to quit’

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Selling cigarettes in unbranded packs makes tobacco less appealing and encourages smokers to quit, according to a new study.

A new study, published in the BMJ Open, looked at the impact of the policy on 536 smokers in the state of Victoria in Australia Рthe first country to introduce plain packaging.

Researchers polled a sample of smokers during November 2012 when plain packs were already available in the run up to the country-wide introduction of the legislation.

Almost three out of four (72.3%) were smoking cigarettes from plain packs while the remainder (27.7%) were still using branded packs with smaller health warnings.

Compared with branded pack smokers, smokers using plain packs were 66% more likely to think their cigarettes were poorer quality than a year ago and they were 70% more likely to say they found them less satisfying.

They were also 81% more likely to have thought about quitting at least once a day during the previous week. And plain pack smokers were 51% more likely to back the plain pack policy than were brand pack smokers.


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