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The European Lung Foundation (ELF) was founded by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in 2000 with the aim of bringing together patients, the public and respiratory professionals to positively influence respiratory medicine.

It is the only European foundation dedicated to all lung diseases.

  • Informing and disseminating
  • Listening and involving
  • What can we do for you?
  • How can you help us?

Informing and disseminating
Our website provides a wealth of useful resources to share the latest developments in lung health research from the ERS and its members, in a clear and straightforward language.

Our material is available in 8 European languages and has been reviewed by ERS experts, including the ELF Advisory Committee, to ensure that we are providing you with reliable, accurate and unbiased information.

Listening and involving

Our mission is to bring people with lung diseases and the general public closer to science by providing opportunities to influence respiratory research agendas at the European level.

We aim to work with patient organisations across the continent to involve people with lung diseases at every level of research and listen to their needs to ensure their voice can be heard by health professionals and politicians.

What can we do for you?

  • Keep you informed on the latest news and developments in lung health via our website and social media pages
  • Supply downloadable factsheets on various lung health-related topics to a wide-reaching audience
  • Provide advice on how to reduce your risk of lung disease and how to cope with your condition
  • Bring people with lung diseases to the annual ERS Congress to meet with lung health professionals and share their experiences
  • Involve people with lung diseases in EU projects to help influence positive research outcomes for the future
  • Offer the opportunity to input into the ERS Guidelines, which provide recommendations on the treatment and care of people with lung diseases

How can you help us?

Are you a respiratory patient organisation looking to raise your profile in Europe?

The ELF is keen to establish relationships with other respiratory patient organisations to better understand the disease priorities and levels of support for patients in different geographical areas. Please contact us if you have patient material that we could link to, are keen to review or translate our materials, or if you would like to feed into future ERS meetings

Are you an individual keen to take part in EU projects?

If you have a lung disease and would you like to take part in an EU project to help bring scientists closer to advancing treatments, please visit our EU projects page for more information on how to get involved.

Do you have an inspirational story?

Send us your stories so we can share them online and help other people in the same position.

Not found what you are looking for?

Tell us what you would like the website to include in the future and where improvements can be made. You can also tell us which aspects you like the most. If you still have a question that needs answering, please contact us.


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