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Aegean Airlines

Aegean airlines do not provide oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will allow you take your own oxygen on board. Your doctor must ring the reservation helpline +30 210 6261000 and will be required to fill out a number of forms to certify that you are fit to fly. The maximum size of the oxygen cylinder is 2 litres and you will need further documentation certifying its suitability for use during the journey.

Olympic Air



Olympic Air can provide supplementary medical oxygen bottles on board of all aircrafts. Furthermore, passengers can also use their own oxygen bottle on board. In each case, a request will have to be made at least 48 hours prior to departure.

For further information and clarifications, please contact the reservations department at







Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.

Hellenic Imperial Airways


Hellenic Imperial airways only provide oxygen in the event of an emergency. Personal oxygen provisions are accepted if they adhere to international standards. A MEDIF form must be completed.


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