Lifting the smokescreen

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First-ever EU figures on passive smoking deaths provoke call for action

A breakthrough report on passive smoking was launched on Tuesday March 21, 2006, in the European Parliament by Liz Lynne, MEP (UK, Liberal Democrat and asthma sufferer) and Adamos Adamou (Cyprus, European United Left–Nordic Green Left). Click here for press release.

The report, entitled “Lifting the smokescreen: 10 reasons for a smoke free Europe”, is available in full PDF format here to download.

This report is also available in German and Spanish.

The report shows that more than 79,000 adults die each year as a result of passive smoking in the 25 countries of the European Union.

The report also provides the evidence that measures to prevent passive smoking are feasible and popular.

It calls for legislation to prevent smoking in all enclosed public areas and workplaces, including bars and restaurants. In Ireland, where the policy was introduced in March 2004, 96% believe that the law is successful, and even 80% of smokers think it was a good idea.

Contents of the report
A summary of the report is given in a 6-page background document.

The Executive Summary of the report is now available in Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.

All of the individual chapters, table and figures cited in the background document are available here for separate download:


Contents Foreword Executive summary
Chapter 1 Table 5 Table 6 Table 7
Table 8 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Figure 8 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

10 reasons for going smoke free

  1. Second-hand smoke exposure kills and harms health
  2. Every worker has the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke
  3. Scientific evidence shows that ventilation does not protect against exposure to tobacco smoke
  4. Smoke free laws do not result in negative economic effects
  5. Freedom of choice includes the responsibility not to harm others
  6. The public supports smoke free legislation
  7. The public complies with smoke free legislation
  8. It has been done elsewhere. It can be done everywhere
  9. It is a cost effective public health intervention
  10. Comprehensive smoke free policies work

The 10 reasons to go smoke free are also available in: Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.

The report is published by the Smoke Free Partnership, a new strategic, independent and flexible partnership between the European Respiratory Society Cancer Research UK and the Institut National du Cancer in France . Support was also provided by the European Heart Network. The report aims to promote tobacco control advocacy and policy research at EU and national levels in collaboration with other EU health organisations and EU tobacco control networks.



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