Areas for action

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  • More studies are needed to determine which factors (e.g. early life events, environmental pollutants, immune reaction, etc.) influence the development of asthma and allergy.
  • Further studies are also required to assess the reasons for the recent increase in the frequency and severity of asthma in Europe.
  • Collaboration should be increased across Europe between asthma researchers, asthma patients and asthma organisations to monitor and evaluate trends in the frequency of asthma.
  • New and more effective treatments are required, especially for the minority of patients whose asthma responds poorly to the current available therapies.


  • The cause(s) of asthma need to be better understood in order to help implement effective prevention strategies.


  • Better implementation of treatment guidelines requires more education of both patients and doctors and is crucial for improved management of asthma.
  • Better control of asthma is key to improving patients’ lives and reducing the global cost of care.


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