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Air Iceland

Air Iceland does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft. However, if you inform them on making a booking, the following portable oxygen concentrators are permitted on board:

– AirSep LifeStyle
– AirSep FreeStyle
– Inogen One
– SeQual Eclipse
– Respironics, EverGo.

A written statement from your doctor, saying you are fit to fly and detailing the flow rates that you require is also necessary.



Icelandair does not allow you to take oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will allow the following portable oxygen concentrators: AirSep LifeStyle, AirSep FreeStyle, Inogen One, SeQual Eclipse, or Respironics, EverGo.

Iceland Express


Iceland Express provides oxygen on board their aircraft free of charge. They also allow certain portable oxygen concentrators. For both cases, a medical document from your doctor will be required and you must state the need for additional oxygen at the time of booking.


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Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.

Air Atlanta Icelandic


Air Atlanta Icelandic can provide oxygen on board their aircraft at no additional cost. This is handled on a case by case basis so make sure you organise any oxygen you require during the time of booking.


Eagle Air


Tel: +354 562 4200



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