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Aer Arann

Aer Arann provide oxygen on board their aircraft at a cost of 90 euros per fligh. Their cylinders provide a flow rate of 4 or 2 litres per minute. This must be booked at the time of reservation or at least 1 week prior to the flight. A recent doctor’s letter will be required, stating that you are fit to travel without medical assistance during the specific dates of your flights.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus provide oxygen on board their aircraft at an additional cost of €100/£90/$140 per sector. Medical clearance is also required and you will need to contact Aer Lingus Special Assistance, on the number or email address below, at least 48 hours before you intend to fly.

They can provide flow rates at 2 or 4 litres per minute continuously or intermittently. However, they cannot accept a request for 4 litres continuously/intermittently on flights between Dublin and San Francisco, Athens, Bucharest, Bourgas or any of the Canary Islands due to the duration of the flight and aircraft type.

You cannot bring your own oxygen on board but cylinders will be accepted for carriage in the hold if they have been emptied under the supervision of the airport station manager or airport handling agent.




Ryanair does not allow you to bring your own oxygen on board their aircraft but oxygen can be provided at a flow rate of 2 litres and 4 litres per minute, at an additional cost of £100 or 100 euros.

Some portable oxygen concentrators on board. To request permission, please call the Special Assistance Line on +44 871 2460003, preferably on the same day as making a booking or at the latest 7 days before your flight.

You must also carry a letter (in English) from your doctor (dated within 2 weeks of intended date of travel) which specifically confirms that:

1. You are fit to travel
2. You do not require a continuous supply of oxygen for more than 120 minutes at high flow or 240 minutes at the low flow rate.
3. The oxygen flow rate provided is suitable for your needs



Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.

Air Contractors


Tel: +353 1 812 1900




Cityjet does not allow you to take oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will allow you to take portable oxygen concentrators on board their aircraft. These include INOGEN One and EVERGO model 900. Please requestthis service by calling one of the numbers below at least 72 hours before your flight.

Ireland: 01 8700 170
UK: 0871 666 50 50
Belgium: 03 287 80 80
France: 3654
Luxembourg: 493395
Netherlands: 0900 4 50 50 50
For all other countries: +32 (0)3 287 80 80




Tel: +353 1 8447973



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