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Direkflyg does not provide oxygen for passengers except in the event of emergency, but does allow passengers to bring a maximum of 1 litre bottles on board. Passengers must inform staff at check in that they are carrying such items.

Golden Air

Golden Air carries oxygen on board for emergency situations only. However, you are allowed to bring your own oxygen on board the aircraft. You may bring a maximum of one cylinder containing a maximum of 1 litre oxygen. You must also inform Golden Air when booking your ticket that you intend to bring your own oxygen.



Malmö Aviation

Malmo aviation allows you to take four pressurised canisters in gaseous form into the cabin. Canisters must have a maximum grow weight of 5kg per container.

A notification should be sent to the airline 72 hours before departure and a medical certificate must be carried and shown to flight personnel when you get onto the aeroplane.

The following cyclinders are accepted:

•        AGA OTM-1
•        Nedron Vagabond
•        Aiolos Soloist
•        Impulse
•        Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator.


Scandinavian Airlines

SAS will allow you to take your own oxygen on board their aircraft. The measurement of the cylinders must not exceed the weight or dimensions permitted for hand baggage (115 cm/46 in and 8 kg/18lbs). SAS also provide oxygen at an additional charge of 335 euros per journey on intercontinental flights or 150 euros per journey on continental flights.

In both instances, you must request this service at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before your flight. A Medical Information form (MEDIF) must be filled out and the request has to be authorised by SAS Medical Department.



Skyways Express

Skyways Express does not supply oxygen to passengers but you are allowed to bring your own supplies on board.

A maximum of 1 litre oxygen bottle is allowed per passenger, per journey. You must inform staff at check-in that you are carrying your own oxygen on board.



Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.



Tel: +46 155 26 77 72


Barents AirLink


Tel: +46 920 22 74 74


City Airline


Tel: 0200 250 500


International Business Air


Tel: 0454 195 95




Novair allow you to take your own oxygen on board their aircraft. They also allow the following portable oxygen concentrators:

– Freestyle portable oxygen concentrator

Please inform them that you intend to carry your own POC at least 7 days before your flight. A medical certificate, which verifies that you are fit to fly and that the oxygen you have with you is enough, must be submitted to their customer service department.


TUIfly Nordic

TUIfly Nordic only carries oxygen on board their aircraft for use in emergencies. However, you are allowed to bring your own oxygen on board. You may bring a maximum of 4 cylinders per flight as hand luggage and they accept AGA OTM-1 or NEDRON VAGABOND cylinders. You must inform customer service at least seven days prior to travel if you intend to bring your own supplies.

Viking Airlines


Tel: +46 8 564 700 11


WaltAir Europe


Tel: +46 8 31 29 70



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