Influenza in the news

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15/12/2011 Statins may cut deaths for people hospitalised with influenza
New research suggests that cholesterol-lowering drugs, known as statins, could be used to control influenza.

29/11/2011 Scientists modify bird-flu virus to show that it has the potential to spread between humans
Scientists have manipulated the bird flu virus (H5N1) to show that it can transform to spread between humans.

02/11/2011 Social media could help track flu outbreaks
Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook could be used to help doctors detect areas where outbreaks of flu and other diseases are most likely, according to researchers from the UK.

28/10/2011 Scientists urge public not to doubt flu vaccine
A group of European scientists are urging members of the public not to doubt the benefits of the influenza vaccine.

02/06/2011 European summit looks at how to protect public from flu
An international group of doctors, researchers, and members of the public met in Brussels last week (26 May 2011) to discuss how we can best improve public health protection against influenza.

06/05/2011 Phone application could help monitor the spread of flu
Researchers in the UK have developed a mobile phone application which could help monitor the way flu spreads during an epidemic.

11/04/2011 Flu helps spread pneumonia and meningitis
Pneumonia and meningitis are only able to spread when individuals are infected with the flu, according to new research.

11/02/2011 Flu reduction policies more useful a few weeks after outbreak
Policies to reduce the impact of a flu epidemic would be better implemented a few weeks after the start of an outbreak, rather than straight away, according to new research

01/02/2011 Children more likely to transmit flu to those of the same sex
Boys and girls predominantly pass flu on to someone of the same sex, according to a new study.

19/01/2011 Study gives new insight into how to combat the flu virus
Research by scientists in the USA has shed new light on how we can improve our strategy to protect against the influenza virus and other viruses that infect the respiratory tract.


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