63 European Lung Foundation – elf burden in Europe

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Ladies And Gentlemen,,

we invite you to the nationwide Pulmonological Congress Top Pulmonological trends, organized by the Department and clinic of pulmonology, Allergology and pulmonological oncology of the Karol Marcinkowski medical university in Poznań, the Poznań pulmonology support association and Termedia publishing house.

The TPT's slogan is”keep your respiratory knowledge up-to-date”. The aim of the meeting is to present the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases in a holistic interdisciplinary context and to summarize the achievements of pulmonology in the past year. We want to discuss new, important results of scientific research and interesting publications that create global trends in pulmonology. We will report from the most important European and World Congresses dealing with lung diseases. The theme of the Congress concerns important problems arising in everyday medical practice.

Their solution requires interdisciplinary knowledge and cooperation, medical imagination, individual leaning over the patient, understanding the essence of the observed disorders of the body's performance and making the right diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. This is what we call the art of medicine. The Congress is of a scientific and training nature. It involves active participation of participants in traditional, interactive, problem-solving, interdisciplinary sessions, meetings with experts and clinical workshops. It is attended by specialists dealing with respiratory diseases, allergists, internists, family doctors, as well as other doctors interested in the broad diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases .

For 11 years, the TPT Congress has been included in the calendar of national conferences, constantly evolving in content and form with the participants of our conferences in mind. Annual meetings integrate our environment, promote new friendships and refresh old ones. We try to maintain these contacts. We want the atmosphere of our conference to be as good as possible, so that everyone feels at home in Poznań.


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