Lung cancer in the news

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18/07/2013 Lung cancer screening most useful in high-risk people

Using low-dose computer tomography (CT) scans to test high-risk patients for lung tumours is far more effective at preventing lung cancer deaths than scanning those at low risk, according to a new study.


15/07/2013 Incomplete cell nuclei could cause lung cancer

In a new study, published in the journal Cell, scientists found that incomplete extra nuclei in cells can cause massive DNA damage that may be responsible for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and other cancers developing.


10/07/2013 Air pollution linked to higher risk of lung cancer

Air pollution, mainly coming from traffic exhaust fumes in cities, is having a serious and even life-threatening effect on health, according to a new European study.


08/07/2013 Study finds link between asbestos exposure, lung cancer and smoking

Researchers in the USA have found that quitting smoking dramatically reduces the risk of developing lung cancer after long-term exposure to asbestos.


02/07/2013 More research needed on lung cancer treatment in female ‘never smokers'

Several studies have highlighted different characteristics in men and women with lung cancer, suggesting that different treatments may be needed.


27/06/2013 Many cancer patients uncertain about purpose of radiation treatment

In a survey of patients with terminal lung cancer, nearly two-thirds did not understand that radiation treatment is intended to ease their symptoms and not to cure their disease.


28/05/2013 ‘Breathing in’ lung cancer drugs can improve treatment

Using nanotechnology, researchers have developed a more effective way of delivering chemotherapy drugs, which improve the treatment of lung tumours and reduce the damage done to other organs.


03/05/2013 Diabetes drug slows growth of lung cancer

A drug used to treat diabetes has been shown to slow the growth of lung cancer cells and make them more likely to be killed by radiotherapy, according to a new study.


11/04/2013 Some lung cancers linked to common virus

A common virus, known to cause cervical, head and neck cancers, may also trigger some cases of lung cancer according to a new study.


19/03/2013 Low levels of vitamin D in smokers could increase cancer risk

Decreased levels of vitamin D could lead to an increased risk of smokers developing cancer, according to a new study.

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