Pneumonia in the news

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24/01/2013 GP judgement not enough to accurately diagnose cases of pneumonia

Pneumonia cannot be accurately diagnosed solely on a doctor’s analysis of symptoms and patient history, according to new findings.


12/11/2012 Vaccines to prevent pneumonia deaths reaching poor countries in record time

A vaccine against the leading cause of pneumonia is protecting millions more children in developing countries, according to figures released to mark the fourth World Pneumonia Day.


09/10/2012 Pakistan introduces pneumonia vaccine to help cut child deaths

Pakistan is set to become the first country in south Asia to introduce the pneumococcal vaccine to protect children against pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children aged under five years in the developing world.


13/09/2012 The European Lung Foundation supports World Sepsis Day (13th September 2012)

Sepsis is the body’s response to infection where the whole body has an inflammatory reaction causing damage to multiple tissues and organs, including the lungs.


02/08/2012 Statin-pneumonia link may be weaker than thought

People on cholesterol-lowering drugs, called statins, may have a smaller risk of dying from pneumonia, but the link may be weaker than previously thought, according to new findings.


11/05/2012 Pneumonia found to be leading cause of child deaths

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death for children under-5, according to a new study.


03/05/2012 New invention could detect pneumonia via smartphones

Students in Australia have invented a digital stethoscope that can detect pneumonia through a connection to a smartphone.


12/03/2012 International study into childhood pneumonia launched.

Every year, around 1.6 million children die of pneumonia. Although the disease is easy to recognise, its causes are not well understood.


31/01/2012 Brain hormone action may improve pneumonia survival

New research has found a potential way of preventing deaths caused as a result of pneumonia treatment.


05/01/2012 Bad dental health can lead to pneumonia

Older people are at risk of developing pneumonia if they fail to brush their teeth effectively, according to new findings.


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