Tobacco and smoking in the news

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21/01/2013 Reduced number of hospital admissions for childhood asthma after smoking ban
The number of children admitted to hospital with severe asthma has reduced after smoke-free legislation was introduced in England in 2007.

20/12/2012 EU adopts new guideline to tackle tobacco-related health problems
The EU Commission has adopted new proposals to tackle the health problems caused by tobacco products.

11/12/2012 Doctors should counsel children about not smoking
Doctors should talk to school-aged children about the consequences of smoking and how to avoid peer-pressure to start smoking, according to new research in the USA.

07/12/2012 Quitting smoking can help people with severe back pain
Smokers suffering from severe back pain or spinal disorders have greater discomfort than those who quit smoking, according to new research.

28/11/2012 Tobacco companies ordered to admit they deceived public over health risks
Major tobacco companies in the USA have been ordered to spend their own money on a public advertising campaign saying they lied about the dangers of cigarettes.

26/11/2012 Smoking contributes to decline in brain function
Smoking can damage memory, learning and reasoning in the brain, according to new research.

15/11/2012 Experts debate a smoker’s licence to help curb cigarette use
A radical proposal of introducing a licence to reduce the harmful health effects of tobacco has been debated by two experts.

08/11/2012 Anti-tobacco policies successfully reduce smoking rates in Brazil
Smoking rates in Brazil have dropped by half over the past two decades thanks to tobacco control polices, according to new research.

02/11/2012 Smoking bans cut hospital cases
Smoking bans have significantly reduced the number of people being admitted to hospital for heart attacks, strokes and respiratory diseases.

31/10/2012 Smoking can cause asthma in second generation children
Nicotine exposure during pregnancy could cause asthma in the smoker’s grandchildren, according to a new study.



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