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14/04/2011 Broccoli benefits COPD patients

A compound found in broccoli could help prevent severe lung infections in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) according to new research.


30/03/2011 Obese patients at high risk of airway problems during anaesthetic

Obese people are twice as likely to develop serious airway problems during a general anaesthetic, than non-obese patients according to researchers in the UK.


15/02/2011 Fibre intake linked to reduced death rate

Fibre in our diet has been linked with a reduced risk of death from respiratory, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, according to a new report.


27/01/2011 Food intake influences respiratory health for babies with lung disease

The long-term health of premature babies with severe lung disease could be influenced by their feeding regime, according to new research.


07/06/2010 Mediterranean diet reduces asthma risk in children

Doctors have found that eating a Mediterranean diet, high in fruits, fish, and vegetables and low in saturated fat, can reduce the likelihood of asthma in children.


20/04/2010 Asthma and fries with that?

Fast food could increase the risk of asthma in children, according to a new Canadian study.


31/03/2010 Blackcurrants could help asthma patients

New Zealand scientists have found that eating blackcurrants may help asthma sufferers.


29/01/2010 Do oats and porridge prevent infant asthma risk?

Finnish researchers suggest that the earlier babies are introduced to oats and porridge, the less likely they are to develop asthma.


19/01/2010 Fish oils improve gas exchange in ICU patients

A new study has shown that by giving patients in intensive care units (ICUs) fish oils through an intravenous drip decreases inflammation (swelling) and improves lung function; allowing the patient to recover quicker and reduce their hospital stay.


07/05/2009 Dietary acrylamide not associated with increased lung cancer risk in men

A new study has shown that dietary acrylamide was not associated with an increased risk of lung cancer.


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