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With your help, each year, the ELF is able to fund young scientists and researchers to further work in the field of lung health and diseases.

What is a Fellowship?

ERS/ELF Fellowship schemes provide young scientists and clinicians with funding to carry out research into the lungs or to complete a training project in any part of Europe. The main aim of the fellowship is to allow people to learn skills that they cannot acquire in their own countries.

How do ERS/ELF Fellowships affect you?
The projects chosen to receive the ERS/ELF Fellowships each year all have a clear impact on lung health and disease. The ELF Council considers all applications and then decides which ones will most help you, that is patients and the general public.

For example:

  • A project may be chosen because it studies a new treatment for asthma which will make life easier for thousands of people.
  • A person may be chosen to receive a Fellowship because they are going to learn a new technique that is essential for the area where they work.
  • The project may be looking at ways that we can improve our lung health and prevent disease, by researching (or tackling) issues such as obesity and the environment.



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