Asthma in the news

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10/10/2011 Workplace pollutants linked to childhood asthma
A mother’s exposure to airborne pollutants during pregnancy may increase the likelihood that her unborn child will later develop asthma, according to a new study.

19/09/2011 Low-fat yoghurt intake when pregnant may lead to child asthma and hay fever
Eating low-fat yoghurt whilst pregnant can increase the risk of your child developing asthma and allergic rhinitis (hay fever), according to recent findings.

15/09/2011 Children who drink raw milk have less asthma and allergies
Children who drink raw milk (unpasteurised) are less likely to develop asthma and allergies compared with those who drink pasteurised milk, according to a large European study.

13/09/2011 New device gives hope to asthma sufferers
A new device, similar to a tiny whisk, which is inserted into the lungs, is proving to be a successful treatment for people with severe asthma.

09/09/2011 New method to aid treatment of asthma attacks during pregnancy
Scientists in Australia have developed a new technique for treating pregnant women with asthma, to help cut flare-ups during pregnancy.

25/08/2011 Dust mite allergy could predict asthma risk
Children who show an allergy to dust mites at an early age have a higher risk of developing asthma in later life.

16/08/2011 Children of obese mothers face asthma risk
Mothers who are overweight or obese when they become pregnant are more likely to have children who suffer from asthma or wheezing symptoms, according to new research.

15/08/2011 Potential new treatment for delayed asthma attacks
Scientists have found a potential new treatment for delayed asthma attacks, which can occur several hours after exposure to allergens.

03/08/2011 Magnetic field exposure linked to asthma risk
Mothers who have a high exposure to electromagnetic fields while pregnant could have an increased risk of their child developing asthma.

18/07/2011 Overall care can improve asthma symptoms
A new study has shown that caring for people with asthma, and not just providing drugs, can help them feel better.



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