Cereals (which also includes pasta) are “slow release” carbohydrates

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Tricks to eat healthier and exercise less

Keeping your diet under control 365 days a year can be difficult, which is why Melarossa has prepared for you a handbook with 9 tips for eating healthy at any time of the day.

  • Sometimes it is enough to correct small bad habits or revise your daily routines to make eating well much easier and more enjoyable.
  • 1 – Are you about to give up? Ask for help from Melarossa's friends!
    tricks for healthy eating, the support of the Melarossa group
  • Do you have a moment of weakness or do you want to go wrong? Reach the Melarossa community and share your anxieties with those who have the same experience as you.

It will help you feel pampered and supported in this difficult path. In fact, the important thing is never to lose sight of motivation and it will be much easier to do so with the support of others.

What is a Healthy Diet? How to Eat Based on Science - Ask The Scientists2 – Refuel with pasta and cereals tricks for healthy eating, rice and pasta in comparison

The Mediterranean diet involves the consumption of cereals every day (they are also at the base of the food pyramid). So in the right portions and with the right condiments, pasta, rice (or other cereals) and bread do not make you fat.

Remember that 50-55% of your energy every day must come from carbohydrates. In general, the Melarossa menus include a first course (pasta, rice or soup) once a day: if there is no first course, there may be potatoes as a side dish (they are always part of the carbohydrate group).


There is a belief that carbohydrates should be eaten for lunch because they are a source of energy. This is true up to a point. Since, they can also be consumed in the evening, when they are more digestible than proteins.

Eating Stress-Relieving Foods Can Help Lower AnxietySo they are “stored” by our body to be used in times of need. 3 – Snacks: unleash your imagination tricks for healthy eating, a snack Unfortunately, it is a widespread belief that being on a diet means eating in a “sad” way: nothing could be more wrong.

Research from the University of Otago in Dunedin

New Zealand, has shown how eating extra fruit and vegetables than normal consumption can improve mood just after 2 weeks. But not only: this type of behavior, according to the analyzes carried out, would also contribute to averting the possibility of developing depression.


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