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The news presented here is taken from sources on different websites. A brief summary of the news is given, along with a link to the orginal article.

Children Living Near Major Roads Face Higher Asthma Risk 04/05/2006
Young children who live near a major road are significantly more likely to have asthma than children who live only blocks away, according to a study that appears in the May issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

Bile build-up in pregnancy may harm baby's lungs 03/05/2006
Pregnant women who develop a build-up of bile in the liver, a condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), have babies with an increased risk of developing respiratory distress syndrome, a potentially fatal disease that occurs when the tiny air sacs of the lungs collapse, according to a report in the journal Pediatrics.
Woman on oxygen finishes marathon 27/04/2006
A woman with a debilitating lung disease has become the first person on oxygen to complete the London Marathon.

Finding suggests alternative treatment approach for common skin disorders and asthma 25/04/2006
A finding by researchers at the National Institutes of Health provides new insight into the cause of a series of related, common and complex illnesses – including hay fever and asthma as well as the skin disorders eczema and psoriasis – and suggests a novel therapeutic approach.

Study offers new hope for people trying to quit smoking. 25/04/2006
In the first study of its kind, University of Pittsburgh psychologist and professor Saul Shiffman has discovered that people who are trying to quit smoking by wearing the nicotine patch are less likely to spiral into a total relapse if they keep wearing the patch, even if they've “cheated” and smoked a cigarette.

New drug could treat lung disease 25/04/2006
A new study is under way into a drug which could help people suffering from chronic lung disease.

Genes May Tie Smoking and Drinking 24/04/2006
Four genes expressed in the brain's prefrontal cortex may help explain why smoking and problem drinking so often go together, Australian research suggests.

Cancer therapy based on tumour location may soon be obsolete 23/04/2006
Traditional cancer treatments have focused on the location of the tumour for identifying the appropriate drug regimen. However, new research shows that this approach may soon be obsolete.

Abnormal sleep patterns appear common in children with Down syndrome 19/04/2006
More than half of children with Down syndrome may have abnormal sleep patterns and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, and parents may not be able to determine whether their children are among those with sleep difficulties.

Improved exercise performance for COPD patients using special gas mixture 18/04/2006
Breathing a special gas mixture, called heliox, may significantly improve the exercise performance of individuals with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). During an endurance walking test, the patients found that they could improve their walking distance by 64 percent with less shortness of breath.



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