EPA Ozone Pollution Standards “Unhealthy for America”

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David H. Ingbar MD, president of the American Thoracic Society, today called the proposed standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency for ozone pollution–commonly known as smog-“unhealthy for America’s kids, unhealthy for America’s seniors, and unhealthy for America.”

“The science is clear,” Dr. Ingbar said, “ozone pollution is causing unnecessary, illnesses and death in America. The proposed EPA standards fall short of providing the protection needed to keep Americans safe from ozone air pollution.”

In announcing the proposed standard today, EPA is calling for a modest tightening of the current standard of 0.08 ppm/8-hours. EPA is proposing a revised standard in the range of 0.075 ppm/8-hours to 0.070 ppm/8-hours. While suggesting a stricter standard, EPA is still considering retaining the current standard.

The range proposed by the EPA falls far short of the standard of 0.060 ppm/8-hours supported by the American Thoracic Society and others in the scientific community.


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