Prevention of respiratory diseases

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It is well known that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. What makes people still smoke despite being aware of the danger? What are the costs of smoking for smokers and the society in which they live?

Internal factors influencing the condition and functioning of the respiratory system
The proper functioning of the respiratory system is influenced by internal and external factors. The first are: properly developed lungs, well arched chest, strong respiratory muscles. Their condition and operation are improved by regular physical exercise. Motor activity strengthens the respiratory muscles and the diaphragm and thus the ability of the chest to expand, leading to an increase in lung capacity. In people who exercise regularly, the frequency of breaths per minute decreases and their depth (the volume of air taken in at one time) increases. This facilitates gas exchange. The systematic performance of simple breathing exercises may also improve the quality of the respiratory system.

In women (especially in pregnancy), pectoral breathing is the most common, as it is mainly involved in the intercostal muscles. In men, during breathing, diaphragm movements responsible for abdominal breathing predominate. Diaphragmatic breathing is based on deep intake of air and better oxygenation of the body. It allows, among others make a very loud (powerful) scream, sing, talk for a long time without harm to health. It helps in the fight against stress and relaxes. Therefore, it is worth learning how to properly breathe with the diaphragm.

The film shows a man lying on his back on the floor. There is a book with a red cover on the man's stomach. When a person breathes diaphragmically, the book rises and falls.


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