Asbestos-related lung diseases

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This factsheet was prepared by the ELF office with assistance from Professor P.S. Burge, of the Occupational Lung Disease Unit, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, UK. The material was reviewed and approved by the ERS Advisory Board.

Information sources

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).
Enviromental Protection Agency.
The Health and Safety Executive.
European Environment Agency.

Interesting links

An article entitled ‘Induced sputum in occupational lung diseases’ published in Breathe 2005, E. Fireman, Y. Lerman

For up to date information about asbestos-related diseases in your country please go to

Please see below for the full range of doctor approved factsheets.

Bird flu The normal lung
Pulmonary arterial hypertension Sleep apnoea
Diet and the lungs Indoor air pollution
Outdoor air pollution Dirty air and the lungs
Pneumonia Work-related lung diseases
Asbestos-related lung diseases Alpha 1-anti trypsin deficiency
Dirty air indoors and your lungs Spirometry
Rare and ‘orphan' lung diseases Allergic rhinitis or “hayfever”
Climate change and the lungs Tuberculosis
Smoking and the lungs Living well with COPD
Asthma and infection Acute Bronchitis


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