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The news presented here is taken from sources on different websites. A brief summary of the news is given, along with a link to the original article.

02/03/2006 Antioxidant nutrients independently influence asthma

UK researchers have shown that eating less fruit, vitamin C and manganese is associated with symptomatic asthma in adults.

28/02/2006 Australia mulls car smoking ban

Authorities in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, are to consider banning smoking in cars.
17/02/2006 Reduced air pollution improves children’s health

Recently published WHO report “Effects of Air Pollution on Children's Health and Development”, demonstrates that children are particularly sensible to air pollution exposure.

16/02/2006 Asthma ‘limits children's lives'

Four out of 10 children with asthma say the condition places limitations on their lives, a UK-wide survey suggests.

15/02/2006 EU divided on response to threat from avian flu

European governments yesterday announced a raft of measures to help prevent bird flu from spreading across the region, but their varied response underlined disparities across the European Union about how to tackle the threat.

14/02/2006 Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs in England

MPs have voted by a huge margin to ban smoking from all pubs and private members' clubs in England.

06/02/2006 Tobacco control efforts growing worldwide as countries build on momentum of global tobacco convention

Countries representing three-quarters of the world’s population meet in Geneva to plan the effective implementation of the tobacco control treaty.

06/02/2006 Brussels to fight for child-resistant lighters

The European Commission is set to push for new measures requiring all lighters produced and sold in the EU to be child-resistant.

06/02/2006 Smokers face ban at home if nurse calls in UK

Hundreds of thousands of smokers will be banned from lighting up in their own homes when nurses or other health workers visit them, under controversial new rules drawn up by the nurses' professional body.

06/02/2006 Asthma harder to control in heavy individuals

The findings from a new study indicate that asthma is more difficult to control in overweight individuals than in their leaner counterparts.


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