Asthma in the news

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19/03/2012 Common use of antibiotics linked with asthma
Commonly prescribed antibiotics may increase the incidence and severity of allergic asthma in children, according to new findings.

08/03/2012 Asthma and allergies societies join forces to improve treatment
Four of the world’s largest medical organisations in the field of asthma and allergy have joined forces to improve awareness, funding and treatment of the conditions.

02/03/2012 Lung health risks linked to early birth
Babies born just a few weeks early can have a slightly higher risk of health problems, a new study has found.

24/02/2012 Study explores relationship between obesity and asthma
New research shows that both fat and lean body tissue can have a negative impact upon lung function, with this relationship being most significant for adult females.

16/02/2012 Molecule discovery helps in fight against allergy
Scientists in the UK have discovered a molecule that could offer the hope of new treatments for people allergic to the house dust mite.

08/02/2012 Asthma and COPD could be connected to fizzy drinks
New research suggests that drinking fizzy drinks could increase the risk of developing asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

03/02/2012 Breastfeeding improves lung function for school age children
Children who are breastfed have improved lung function at school age, according to new findings.

01/02/2012 New online test tries to cut deaths from asthma attacks
A new online test being rolled out in the UK will help people with asthma gauge to what extent they are at risk from a serious attack.

20/01/2012 Accelerated growth in babies linked to future asthma symptoms
Babies who have accelerated growth in the first three months of life have an increased risk of asthma symptoms, according to a new study.

12/01/2012 Pool chlorine causes lung damage in elite swimmers.
A study shows that competitive swimmers using indoor pools to train, may develop changes in the lungs, similar to those seen in people with mild asthma.



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