Asthma in the news

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11/01/2012 Caesarean birth may increase risk of children developing asthma by age of 3
A new study has found that babies delivered by caesarean section were more likely to develop asthma by the age of three than children delivered naturally.

21/12/2011 Child’s weight can determine asthma risk
Overweight children who don’t lose their baby fat as they grow up are more likely to develop asthma, according to new research.

14/12/2011 Severe asthma attacks could be reduced by improved medication use
One quarter of severe asthma attacks could be prevented if people with asthma consistently took their medication as prescribed, according to new research.

05/12/2011 Arsenic in water tied to breathing issues
People in Bangladesh exposed to high levels of arsenic in drinking water were more likely to report shortness of breath in a new study than those who drank water with lower arsenic concentrations.

28/11/2011 New data on most common respiratory allergies in the EU
One in every two Europeans will suffer an allergy by 2015, according to a new book launched at the European Parliament last week (25 November 2011

24/11/2011 Night time airflow device eases asthma symptoms
A device which is able to filter out airborne triggers of asthma during sleep can ease persistent symptoms of the condition during the day and improve overall quality of life, according to recent research published in the journal Thorax.

14/11/2011 Survey provides insight into allergies in the home
A new survey has shed light on the number of people affected by allergies in the home.

03/11/2011 Caesarean link to infant lung infections
Babies born by elective caesarean are more likely to contract a serious lung infection, known as bronchiolitis, in their first year or life, according to researchers in Australia.

28/10/2011 Study identifies risk factors for altitude sickness
A new study has identified a number of risk factors for altitude sickness.

26/10/2011 Exercise benefits people with asthma
Physical training programmes involving aerobic exercise can benefit patients with asthma according to new research.



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