Asthma in the news

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07/07/2011 Asthma in children linked to depression during pregnancy
Women who are stressed or depressed during pregnancy could have an increased risk of their child developing asthma.

01/07/2011 Herbal medicine shown to reduce asthma symptoms
A traditional herbal medicine has been shown to reduce inflammation in people who suffer from asthma caused by allergens.

29/06/2011 New trial tests Botox as a treatment for asthma
A new medical trial in Australia is set to test whether Botox can be used to help people with asthma breathe more easily.

23/06/2011 Vitamin A deficiency does not affect onset of asthma
Vitamin A deficiency does not increase the risk of asthma, according to new research published in the European Respiratory Journal.

20/06/2011 Higher immunity to colds makes asthma worse
Scientists have found that increasing immunity in the body, using nutritional supplements, cold remedies and fortified foods, can cause an exacerbation of symptoms for people with asthma.

14/06/2011 Cockroaches could cause asthma in children
Cockroaches have been identified as a possible cause for high rates of asthma in certain neighbourhoods in New York City, USA.

10/06/2011 Mouldy homes linked to children’s asthma
New research has found that mouldy homes could be linked to asthma in children.

08/06/2011 UK doctors begin pioneering asthma treatment
Doctors in Manchester and Glasgow have started treating NHS asthma patients with a new treatment which is said to “melt away” muscle in the airways.

11/05/2011 Asthma risk higher in babies born early
Babies born early could be at a higher risk of asthma during childhood and adolescence, according to a new study.

05/05/2011 Asthma pill as effective as inhalers
New research has suggested that a pill to treat asthma is as effective as inhalers in managing asthma symptoms, and is much easier to use.



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