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Contact provide oxygen on board their aircraft at no additional charge. They will also allow portable oxygen concentrators on board. Please contact them at least 72 hours before your flight to request this service. You will need a ‘fitness to fly’ letter from your doctor.

You can also carry respirators, asthma devices and inhalers free of charge on board their aircraft.


KLM will only allow portable oxygen concentrators on board their aircraft. A request to carry a POC must be made at least 48 hours before your flight and your doctor must complete a medical form.

Portable oxygen concentrators approved by KLM include:
– Inogen One
– Airsep LifeStyle displaying an RTCA sticker
– Airsep FreeStyle
– SeQual Technologies Eclipse
– Respironics Evergo
– Delphi RS-00400
– Invacare XPO2

If you have another brand of portable concentrator, call KLM to confirm that you can use it on board.


Martinair does not allow you to take your own oxygen on board their aircraft. However, oxygen can be provided at an additional charge of 90 euros per 400-litre bottle. A maximum of three bottles are allowed per flight and must be reserved at the time of booking.


Transavia Transavia provide oxygen and allow FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators on board their aircraft. A request for additional oxygen must be made no later than 72 hours before the flight. A medical certificate, signed by your doctor is required. Transavia provide oxygen at an additional cost of 75 euros for 400 litres and 120 euros for 600 litres. The following portable oxygen concentrators are allowed:

– SeQual Technologies Eclipse
– Inogen One
– Airsep LifeStyle
– Airsep FreeStyle
– Respironics Evergo



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