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Airlines Contact
Aerosvit Airlines


Aerosvit airlines refuse transportation to people who require additional oxygen on board their aircraft.



Air Urga


Tel: +38 052 224 06 29


Dniproavia does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft and does not allow you to carry your own oxygen on board.




DonbassAero does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they may allow you to bring your own provisions. If it does not exceed their baggage allowance size (55х40х20cm) they will allow it free of charge. However, if it is any larger, you will have to purchase an extra seat on board the aircraft.


Lviv Airlines


Tel: +380 322 692038


Ukraine International
Ukraine International Airlines does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they allow you to take your own on board. Oxygen bottles must be less than 5kg in weight and cannot be used during take off and landing.
UM Airlines


Tel: +380 44 238 2002

Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.

Aerostar Airlines


Tel: +38 044 490 92 32


Business Aviation Center


Tel: +49 7051 967162


South Airlines


Tel: +380 482 37 22 02


Khors Aircompany


Tel: +38 044 494-3286




Tel: +380 56 23 418 11



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