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Easyjet does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft, but will allow you to take your own. If you are taking your own oxygen you must ensure the cylinder is no longer than 0.5 metre long and 250 mm in diameter. You must have a medical certificate to confirm that it is for medical purposes and you are fit to fly.

If you suffer from asthma, you are allowed to carry inhalers and/or nebulisers. If you suffer from severe asthma or have recently been prescribed oral steroids, you will require certification confirming your fitness to fly.

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Farnair does not provide oxygen to passengers but allows them to bring their own provisions. The combined weight of oxygen cylinders must not be more than 5kg.

Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation does not provide oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will allow you to bring your own on board. Please inform the airline at the time of booking if you intend to do this.


Swiss International
Air Lines

Swiss International Airlines provide oxygen on board its aircraft free of charge. In order to accommodate this, an INCAD medical form will need to be filled out and submitted at least 72 hours before the flight.


Zimex Aviation


Tel: +41 (0) 44 815 53 53


Smaller Airlines

For the latest information on the smaller airlines please use the contact details below.

Club Airways
Tel: +41 848 006 007


Comlux Aviation


Tel: +41 43 888 72 55


Darwin Airline


Tel: + 41 91 612 45 00


Edelweiss Air

Edelweiss Air does not allow you to take your own oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will provide it at an additional charge of 300 CHF per flight. This request must be made at the time of booking and you must complete an INCAD form.


Flybaboo does not provide oxygen but does allow passengers to bring their own provisions. Passengers bringing their own oxygen on board must present a medical certificate upon booking and are only permitted to bring a maximum of 2 cylinders, maximum 5 litres in each cylinder. Passengers must inform the reservation office at least 24 hours before departure on 00800 445 445 45, to ensure all the details are in the system.


Hello does not allow you to use your own oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they will provide oxygen at an additional charge. Oxygen is supplied by SR Technics and must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to your flight.

The cost oxygen is dependant on the duration of the flight. However, as an example, a 5 hr flight is likely to incur a charge of CHF 600 (440 euros).

Helvetic Airways


Helvetic does not allow you take your own oxygen on board their aircraft. However, they provide oxygen at an additional cost of 400 euros per flight. This oxygen can be administrated via the nose or mouth at a flow rate of 2 or 4 litres per minute. This service must be requested at least 72 hours before departure.

Helvetic also allow the use of some portable oxygen concentrators on board. These include:
– Inogen 1
– Sequale-eclipse 1
– Sequale-eclipse 2
– Airsep freestyle
– Airsep lifestyle
– Respironics evergo


Lions Air


Tel: +41 44 828 88 88




Tel:  +41 22 929 6700

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