Quitting smoking stories in the news

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Study offers new hope for people trying to quit smoking. 25/04/2006
In the first study of its kind, University of Pittsburgh psychologist and professor Saul Shiffman has discovered that people who are trying to quit smoking by wearing the nicotine patch are less likely to spiral into a total relapse if they keep wearing the patch, even if they've “cheated” and smoked a cigarette.

Another reason to quit smoking for good 06/04/2006
Sone smokers with lung cancer continue smoking, figuring why the hell not. Well, here's why not: it can stop chemotherapy from working. Nor are patches the answer, as it turns out it is nicotine itself that has the effect.

Older women most successful at quitting smoking 23/03/2006
Women who are 65 years old or older are better at quitting smoking than their male counterparts, and new findings show the older men and women are generally better at staying off cigarettes compared with younger smokers.

A fifth of smokers ‘plan to quit' 08/03/2006
A fifth of UK smokers plan to quit when the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces comes in, a survey suggests.

Sudden bid to quit smoking ‘best' 27/01/2006
Spur of the moment attempts to stop smoking are more likely to succeed than planned ones, a study says.



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