Natural ways to take care of your beauty

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Natural methods should be an integral part of your beauty regimen. Unfortunately, they are often neglected, as if health and beauty could only be provided by external means – cosmetics, makeup, manicure or plastic surgery. Meanwhile, beautiful skin, healthy hair and nails as well as a slim figure depend on the general condition of our body and the cream cannot cope with all problems.rejuvi cosmetics

Natural ways to take care of your beauty
Naturopathy, or broadly understood natural medicine, has a wide range of tools and methods that beauticians, as beauty professionals, can successfully use to help their clients improve their appearance and maintain a good body condition. What do you mean by natural beauty remedies?

Every day our body changes, which is mainly influenced by the quantity and quality of food consumed. Every day the products we eat cause certain reactions in the body: changes in the composition of blood, lymph, extracellular and intracellular fluids, reactions of the nervous and digestive systems. All these processes reflect the state of our body. Not only genetic factors affect our health and appearance – also our lifestyle, i.e. diet, hygiene, exercise, determine whether we are healthy or not having problems with the skin, hair and figure.

A natural approach to beauty respects these everyday processes with their physical and mental consequences. The outer appearance is a reflection of the inner state of the body – this is the basic rule. By looking at external symptoms, a naturopath is able to fairly accurately assess the state of health. If we have any problems, be it with a poor skin condition, maintaining a healthy weight, or with brittle hair and nails, only understanding their connection with the internal state of the body will allow us to find a way to do it. Of course, creams and injections will help to correct some of the shortcomings, but it will only be masking the symptoms without getting to the bottom of the problems.


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