European Lung Foundation

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Lung diseases are the leading cause of death and disease in Europe and throughout the world. Anyone can be affected by lung diseases, not just smokers. Lung diseases impact on almost every family in Europe.

Helping Europe to breathe

The ELF provides information on:

lung diseases and how they impact on individuals and on Europe

the lungs and how they function

risk factors that cause lung diseases and how to avoid them

Latest news updates from around the world….

Vehicle fumes ‘stunt lung growth' 26/01/2007
Living too near a busy road could stunt a child's lung development, US research involving 3,677 children suggests.

Respiratory infection may be contracted through the eye 25/01/2007
A respiratory pathogen common in newborns may be passed on to the lungs following initial infection in the eye say researchers from the University of South Alabama, College of Medicine.

Brain region that fuels addiction found 25/01/2007
A small area of the brain nestled inside the cerebral cortex might explain why smoking is such a hard habit to break.


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