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Movies are shown here that were produced using several different techniques, including CT scanning. They show different aspects of the chest, lungs and arways.

Click on any of the images to see the movies.
The chest without the lungs

This movie shows the rib cage, the heart and all the major blood vessels of the lungs.
The lungs have been removed to show this more clearly.

The lungs

This movie show the lungs that were removed for the movie above. The contours of the lungs can be seen around 360 degrees.

The lungs and the airways
This movie shows the same lungs as above.
However, the airways can be seen more clearly in this movie.
Fly through the airways
This movie shows a virtual inspection or virtual bronchoscopy of the airways of the lungs.

CT scan of the chest
This movie shows a computed tomography (CT) scan. It shows slices through the chest from top to bottom. The airways of the lungs, the blood vessels of the lungs and the parenchyma can be seen.


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